We saw three women who were abortion minded on Monday March 6th.  Two had even been to the abortion center.  One was actually scheduled for the abortion the same day we saw her.  She had already had 3 abortions forced on her by the father of these babies.   She was brought to us by our “Partners for Life”  – the Guadalupe Workers. They are an amazing group of pro-life warriors who brave the weather, security guards, and escorts at abortion mills, especially Summit on McNichols .  They tirelessly pray and try to get women to change their mind about going into this place of killing.  They put their money where  it counts and help support these women in many ways through their pregnancy and beyond.  But mainly they  – like us, are giving these moms the truth about what happens during an abortion.  Not with horrific pictures that scare more than anything, but they do it with love and give these moms hope.  They are being like Jesus to them.  We have made our mobile unit available to them to bring the moms to us to “see” their babies through ultrasound and to get truthful information and counseling about their real choices.

Mom #1 was very sad about her past abortions – you could see it in her eyes. The Holy Spirit guided us to pray for her before we were even through with our intake forms. She told us that she didn’t want to be forced to abort this baby too.  Remember the other side would like us to believe that it’s easy to do it and you will never regret it  once it’s done -they have never spoken to a woman who has been emotionally scared by past abortions. I have spoken to far too many.  I have prayed and cried along with them for their lost babies.   With the support of Guadalupe Workers this mom will get out of an abusive situation and happily have her baby.  Through our counseling session we were able to show her how she has worth in the eyes of our Creator,  that she and her baby were created in HIS image. That HE has a plan for her.  Jer 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.   We all agreed that when she left she was a different personWe take no credit for that  – it was the Holy Spirit working through us.

So the 2nd mom we saw – was a former client and came to us embarrassed to be pregnant by the same man again.  He is pushing for her to have an abortion – mainly because he does not support his other child so why have this one?  She was so scared to even look at the pregnancy test results.  This mom works 35-40 hours a week and brings home between $1,000 and $1,200 a month, which is nothing when you also need to pay rent and buy food.  Her boyfriend does not add anything to the monthly budget.  She is taking care of an almost 2 year old little girl, who she loves with all of her heart.  Yet she was struggling with wanting to not have this baby..Through our counseling and the ultrasound she did choose to carry her baby.  We gave her a lot of resources to help her through her pregnancy and beyond.   We also gave her hope.  When we pray with our moms – everything changes.  God moves these moms in a mighty way.  When she got home she told her boyfriend the pregnancy was confirmed and that she saw their baby moving all around. .  She sent me a message that she was still nervous with her BF wanting her to have the abortion and that she just needs someone to talk to. (she is not ready to tell her family for fear of judgement)  I then told her she could text or call anytime.  I also told her that she is now part of our family and we take care of family.  She then said it was his loss to not know his child and that God would guide her through this.  We know HE is the source of our strength and support.  She was so grateful for our help and support.

Mom #3 was also a prior client who delivered a baby girl last September.  She is pregnant again and has been very abortion minded from the beginning.  This young lady has been living on the streets since she was about 11.  When we met her last year she had all of her belongings in two plastic bags.  She was hungry, tired and cold when we saw her.  She told us she was staying in vacant homes and stashing her belonging in vacant garages. (this was last Winter and it was snowing)  That day we were able to get her into a shelter for  that could take in pregnant girls.  since then she has been in 2 other shelters through the help of Little Tots and Moms  – Maternal Infant Health Program, but she also left them.  She had her baby girl and is now pregnant again with no permanent place.  She has been keeping in contact with one of our counselors – this is how we found out she was considering abortion.  She had an appointment with us for last Saturday to get a pregnancy test and ultrasound to determine gestational age and talk about adoption. Unfortunately she went to Summit on Friday to start the process for termination.    Thank God, Emmanuel who is a driver for us and is with Guadalupe Workers stopped her and was able to get her to one of our pregnancy center partners – MAUBC.  They could not provide an ultrasound that day and rescheduled for another day.  This mom showed up without an appointment and we were able to work her in.  She saw her baby and we discussed why she wanted to terminate.  We also discussed adoption and made an appointment with an agency for her to explore her options there.  Pray for this very young lady as she moves through this process.  She is not very trusting and my prayer is that she realizes that we have all been put in to her life for a reason and that  God has a plan for this baby.


Monday was a very good day.  We are so privileged to pray for our moms and share the hope of the Gospel.  Please join us in prayer and consider supporting us financially.  We cannot do this without the support of people like you!!