ICU Mobile Birth Choice would be more than happy to bring our mobile unit to your church or Christian school.  We want to share our experiences of how we are changing hearts and minds towards life while out on the road in the high abortion rate zip-codes in our 3 county Metro Detroit area.  I… Read More

Alexis was a young 20-year old. When she and boyfriend, David, entered the mobile they presented the free US coupon they were given by Michael, the prayer warrior in front of the abortion mill across the street.  Alexis was giggling and distracted during the intake and not very forthcoming with many details to our questions.… Read More

Mom T called me on a Saturday after she had spoken to a sidewalk counselor outside of one of the busiest abortion facilities in Detroit. She had an abortion scheduled for the following Thursday morning. We were able to get her in for an ultrasound appointment on our ICU mobile medical unit first thing Monday… Read More