Our Mission

The mission of Birth Choice Services is to foster a Christ-centered view of human life and sexuality consistent with Catholic moral teaching, by offering hope and compassionate help, thus enabling positive, life-affirming choices by:

  • Saving the lives of unborn children.
  • Providing physical, emotional, practical and spiritual help for women and men with unplanned pregnancies.
  • Offering support and healing to victims of past abortions.
  • Preventing crisis pregnancies through abstinence education.
  • Providing education to the community on issues regarding the Sanctity of Human Life.

Our Vision

To promote and protect the sanctity of human life and to provide faith based advocacy for stronger families.

Our History

ICU Detroit Birth Choice has been dedicated to saving lives and helping women and families since its inception. In the Summer of 2010, Clarkston Resident Shannon Wygant discovered that an abortionist had set up shop in his community. He called together a meeting in August to prayerfully discern what Christ was calling members of the community to do about this. He expected 9 or 10 people, but 50 showed up! Many volunteered to make a difference.

A board of directors was soon formed that included business people, nurses, lawyers, all concerned about addressing this particular scourge in our community. The name Birth Choice was chosen, and the decision was made to move in to the same building as the abortionist. We moved in on the Feast of our Blessed Mother, January 1, 2011. Uniting with 40 Days for life, Birth Choice members and supporters prayed regularly outside of the abortion clinic, as well as outside of the pregnancy center (remember, they were neighbors!)

Birth Choice did meet some women who thought they were coming in for abortions, and changed their minds when they met Christ’s love at Birth Choice. Everyone was welcomed, no one was rejected no matter what they decided, and much support was given, including educational support in nutrition and parenting classes, physical support such as formula, diapers, clothing, and supplies, and most importantly spiritual support, praying with and for our clients.

In an unprecedented move, the abortionist moved out.

After much discernment, and prompted by many gifts from the Holy Spirit, Birth Choice unanimously decided to align with ICU Mobile, and by God’s grace we received our wonderful Mobile Pregnancy Center. Also by God’s amazing grace, we found our M.O.M. – Manager Of Operations/ Executive Director – Beverly Dixon, who travels the Metro Detroit area with a team of sonographers and counselors, helping to save babies, women, and families, in Christ!