Adoption Versus Abortion

counselAdoption can be an excellent solution to an unplanned pregnancy. It is a welcome alternative to raising a child a woman feels unprepared to raise, or to killing that child. According to the National Committee for Adoption, there are 1.5 million American couples wanting to adopt children. Yet each year, while 1.6 million children are being killed by abortion, only 50,000 new children are made available for adoption. For every couple that adopts, another 40 wait in line. Birth Choice receives letters and calls from couples longing to adopt a baby.

Adoption is conducted very differently now than in years past. Today the birth mother is respected and empowered. She chooses the parents she wants for her child from resumes and interviews. The birth families and adoptive families get to know each other and often become friends during the pregnancy. Any degree of openness after the baby is born that is mutually agreed upon can be arranged. Birth Choice is not a licensed adoption agency. We refer to three excellent adoption organizations.

Some women have said to us at Birth Choice, “I could never give my baby up for adoption. I’d abort before I would do that.” We urge them to consider that adoption can accomplish the same goals as abortion. Let’s look at the similarities. With both adoption and abortion you can:

  • pursue earlier goals and plans
  • you will not have to parent prematurely
  • you will be free of the financial burdens of parenting
  • you will avoid being forced into a hasty marriage
  • if you are a teen, you can resume your youthful lifestyle

Now let’s look at the differences.

With adoption:

  1. your pregnancy ends with giving life
  2. you can feel positive and proud of your choice
  3. you will remember giving birth
  4. you will have plenty of time to plan your and your baby’s future
  5. you can hold, name and love your baby
  6. you can have continued contact with your baby

With abortion:

  1. your pregnancy ends with death
  2. you may feel shame and guilt about your choice
  3. you will remember taking a life
  4. abortion is final; you can’t go back on your decision
  5. you will never know or treasure your baby
  6. you will never know what your child might have been

Adoption means that you are giving your child the gift of a family. You are being a good parent by making a good plan for your child. It is far preferable to be the mother of a child who is alive and thriving in a loving, stable home chosen by you, than to be the mother of a dead child. You will be honored and supported through every aspect of the adoption experience at Birth Choice and our partnering agencies.