Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs)

Although we are not a medical clinic, Birth Choice Pregnancy Resource Center is able to offer you educational materials about Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  Please download this free, confidential STD wizard from the web so that you can find out more about your risks. If you think you currently have an STD, please immediately see your physician.  Remember that abstinence is the only way to prevent pregnancy and prevent STD’s in unmarried couples.  It has been proven that the HIV virus can go through a condom.  Come see us for free brochures and to watch an educational DVD about reducing STD risks.

The STD Wizard is free, takes about five minutes to complete and can be accessed over the Internet at

Some Important Facts for You  

Your Sex Life

Do you put your trust in a flimsy bit of latex?

Sex can be unsafe, even with a condom.

condomsDid you know…

A condom can break or slip off during sex, even when it is put on correctly? It’s thin and flimsy. It can have tiny holes or weak spots. Once it has leaked, you may not have a second chance. A little bit of latex can let you down.

Did you know…

Some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), like herpes and HPV (which causes genital warts), can be passed on by contacting skin in areas not covered by a condom? There are over 25 STDs passed on to millions of people each year.

Did you know…

Someone you are having sex with may not even know he/she has a disease? Many diseases with serious long-term consequences have no easily recognizable symptoms.

How can you protect yourself?

The best way is to not have sex until marriage. Is it easy to say no? Not always. Here are some tips:

  • make the decision before you date not to have sex
  • don’t drink or use drugs on a date
  • know how and when to leave a situation
  • carry money or a phone to call someone for help
  • make eye contact before refusing
  • group date
  • tell your date your standards

So you’re no longer a virgin.

Secondary virginity is all about second chances. You have one right now. Make a commitment today that you will not have sex again until your wedding night. Stand by your new decision without wavering. Call us, we want to help you stand firm.

You have the power to say no

Now, so you can say yes later. Yes to meeting your goals, no to STD’s or non-marital pregnancy.

Sex. It’s your choice.

Your body. Your future. You can choose to have sex. Or choose not to. Not everyone is doing it.

Call us at 248-620-5353, we’ll talk about it!