expecting young coupleEvery child deserves a mother and a father who are committed to each other and to creating a strong, stable home. If you and the father of your child have put time and effort into your relationship, it may be possible to build a healthy marriage. A pregnancy is not the sole reason to marry, of course. If there are addictions, abuse or promiscuity, there should absolutely be no consideration of marriage. The ingredients of respect, responsibility, maturity and mutual religious beliefs must exist, as well as such practical matters as consistent employment and support from the extended family. Marriage is more successful and rewarding if the couple has pre-marital counseling. Contact a church in your area to find out about pre-marital counseling.

couple2Living together is no substitute for marriage. It is conditional rather than unconditional love. It says, I will love you if things go well, or if I don’t get tired of you. There is no covenant; no blessing from God. It is taking and not giving. It is trying to have the benefits of marriage — regular sex, companionship and sharing the work of daily life — without the responsibility. It is a pretend marriage. You, your boyfriend and your child deserve better. Men and women have no right to each other’s bodies if they are not willing to commit their lives to one another publicly and legally. Studies show that married couples enjoy better and more frequent sex than unmarried couples. Children are more secure and have more loyalty to their families when their parents are married.

Take the marriage option seriously. With proper preparation, understanding and commitment, you can forge a good married life together and provide a good home for your child.