Team members

Heather RDMS, Emmanuel, Howard, Bev, Ron


Current Board Members

Ken Gabriel, President
Fr Eric Fedewa, B.S., BPhil., MDiv., S.T.B.
Andrea Maciejewski RN BSN
L.James Wilson JD

Our Staff

Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers:

Heather Coon RDMS since 2012
Irina Iovu RDMS since 2013, speaks English, Russian, and Romanian
Marion Sioma RDMS since 1977

Volunteer Client Advocates:

Carolina A.  Speaks Spanish, English and conversational German and Chinese
Linda H.
Cheryl J.
Charita K.
Heda R.   Speaks English and Filipino
Kathi R. RN BSN
Lisa S.

Volunteer Drivers:

Geoff D.
Bob H.
Paul J.
Emmanuel L.
Mike M.
Mary M.
Ron P.
Rich R.
Julie S.
Joe T.
Howard W.

Bev Dixon, Manager of Operations (M.O.M) / Executive Director

Little did I know how my life was going to be changed in such an amazing way.  Almost two years ago I was tasked with taking Birth Choice into getting our new ICU Mobile Unit on the road to save lives and help women who were deciding to have abortions.  We recently had a woman board our mobile unit who had had two (2) abortions and was now pregnant again.  While she was looking at her wiggling baby on the screen I asked her if she had seen the ultrasounds prior to her abortions.  Her answer “If I had seen what I am looking at right now, I never would have had those abortions”.  THIS is why we do what we do.  It is my privilege and calling to help these women and to help save the lives of the unborn innocents.

Lisa S., Counselor in Training

I was in the third grade in 1973, the year Roe vs.Wade was passed.  My mother tried unsuccessfully to get our church to take action.  So she bought a box of pro-life tracts and my family went out and canvassed our neighborhood passing them out. The images on the tracts were difficult to look at especially as a young child, but I learned from that experience how horrific abortion is and that we should not remain silent in the face of such injustice. I am looking forward with great anticipation to this opportunity to serve women who are in crisis pregnancy. I too have been in that situation and understand their fears. It is my deepest desire to help mothers choose life for their babies and see the hope and help that is found in Christ.

Charita K. Client Advocate

I have been volunteering my time on the ICU mobile for over a year. It has been so rewarding. I have seen moms come and go from all walks of life. There have been happy moments and there have been moments where you wonder if you made an impact in these moms lives. The decisions that they struggle with. Us having to combat every obstacle they forsee and Us showing the mom that there is à better way or another way oppose to taking the easy way out and ending a precious life.

There are actually two moms, who have touched my life, both were moms’ under the age of 18. Mom “A” had been homeless since she was 11 years old. Mom “B” had lost someone dear to her and her environment became unstable. It was a journey following Mom A and B until they delivered their bundles of joy. I went thru some trying times with these moms but with much prayer they became stable. One mom has her baby but the other mom’s baby is in foster care. Dealing with homelessness each mom had to face. Spending countless hours trying to finding stable housing for them before the arrival of their babies. Something I kept before my moms daily. Setting goals for them and seeing them accomplish those goals. Feeding them when they were hungry and loving them when they needed it the most. Because of earnest prayer, I know God work each situation out for them. I spent many sleepless nights thinking about how I can best serve my moms. As I sit back and think of all of the challenges I have been thru with my moms, I ask myself was it worth.  When I recall seeing each precious life that has come into this world unharmed and in a stable environment, My answer is Yes!!! I would do it again and again with the continuous help of God!!! Because all things are possible thru God!!!!!

Client Advocate Kathi RN BSN

On a sunny Saturday at our Grand River and Greenfield location, a young African American man, D, knocked on the door of the mobile unit.  We greeted him and he asked for Bev, who wasn’t on the mobile that day.  D came on and we immediately felt the presence of God.  He proceeded to tell us that he is active at his church in some Pro-Life movements and plans to volunteer as a sidewalk counselor at a local abortion clinic.   I asked him what led him to do this type of ministry and he shared his story.  He told us that his Mom was single, pregnant and saw no options, so she went to an abortion clinic.  She was on the table preparing for the abortion procedure when they did a quick ultrasound and told her that she was pregnant with twins.  Once she heard that truth , she could not go through with the abortion.  She gave birth to two beautiful baby boys and raised them to love the Lord.  This young man and his brother are both serving the Lord to this day.  He shared that his mother would cry every time she told them the story about how she was so close to abortion.  D is married with a beautiful wife and two children and they are all active in their church.  His brother is a Christian and is in the Army serving our country.