Alexis was a young 20-year old. When she and boyfriend, David, entered the mobile they presented the free US coupon they were given by Michael, the prayer warrior in front of the abortion mill across the street.  Alexis was giggling and distracted during the intake and not very forthcoming with many details to our questions. David went outside to have a cigarette and she told us she wasn’t happy about being pregnant because she liked her skinny shape. During the US she seemed disinterested in the monitor and even covered her head with her jacket when the heartbeat began to pulse throughout the room.  She picked out a baby blanket and then,  back in the front of the mobile, we gave her lots of brochures, a prayer book, and cards.  We talked about what a blessing this baby was and how special this gift from God was.  We prayed with them both that God would enfold them with his love and the Holy Spirit would guide them. Alexis even seemed happy now.

They left the mobile and we watched them walk across the busy divided street to the abortion mill. Michael approached them and they talked for several minutes– then we watched in disbelief as they went into the building! We were shocked and dismayed, but we prayed!! They did not come out for the final hour that we were there, but we had to continue on to our afternoon destination in another city. It had been a very busy morning and we strongly felt that our presence that day had saved a few babies. But this one would hang like a dark cloud that followed us for weeks.

Then the news came in a follow-up call almost a month later. There was hope. Alexis would be 10 was 5 days and had not yet had an abortion.