Mom T called me on a Saturday after she had spoken to a sidewalk counselor outside of one of the busiest abortion facilities in Detroit. She had an abortion scheduled for the following Thursday morning. We were able to get her in for an ultrasound appointment on our ICU mobile medical unit first thing Monday morning. We found out that she is the mom of a little one and a teenager. This mom is also post-abortive. We did our normal intake, which is when we found out that has had abortions before. We also found out that she had never been to church. Now I usually wait to pray for women at the end of our time together, but when we were talking about her abortions and her sadness about it I was urged by the Holy Spirit to pray right then. I also shared the Gospel and the amazing saving grace won at the cross, at which time she started sobbing, I could see her body covered in goose bumps as well.  I then asked her what she thought about what I had just shared and she said that she wants that in her life. So she was guided through the prayer of redemption and she invited Jesus into her heart and life. We then went through the rest of the procedures we do before we can perform an ultrasound. This mom was sure that her 14 w 3d baby (per LMP), would not have arms and legs. ( She had believed the lies that she was told that it was not a baby until much later) She was actually 16w 4 days per U/S and the baby gave her a show that she will never forget. We could clearly see the baby sucking its thumb with the other 4 fingers straight up. She was sobbing again – this time for the loss of her other 2 children and for almost making that mistake again. She was overwhelmed, to say the least.  Again we went to prayer!! In the end not only was her baby saved – but so was her eternal life. She was also given a new bible and info for a local church. I started to get worried when I could not reach her for a follow-up. I called and sent text messages. I was praying that she didn’t go ahead with her abortion appointment. Then one day recently after I sent her a text asking how I could pray for her  – she sent me a message to let me know that she is working full time and in school. When she came to us she was sure her mom would be angry with her but was instead happy for her.

We told her to come back and visit us when she is 8 months pregnant and we will provide her with a baby layette. She is all excited. Please pray for this mom and her newly found faith in Jesus Christ and her precious family. This is what happens on our ICU mobile medical unit.


  • Update:  She had a beautiful baby boy and named him Abel.  She is very grateful for all the help she received on and through our mobile ministry.  She has gone back to her job which was there for her at the end of her maternity leave.