C came on to our unit as a walk on. She had seen us before and decided this day to stop. We had another appointment coming in 15 min and had briefly considered doing an assessment and scheduling her for another day but then she said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t think I want to have another baby”. We decided it was more important that we not let her leave and hope that our appointment would be late.  During the intake we learned that C was 33 years old, had two children ages 15 and 8 and had had 2 abortions after her second child. She was definitely high risk for another abortion. In an effort to make her comfortable we asked about her children and her relationships. C stated she had endured 2 bad relationships but had finally “found a good one”. baby-holding-foot

She said she was raised Christian and though she no longer attended church she reads her bible. The U/S revealed she was 7 ½ weeks. During the U/S she became emotional and talkative. She was astonished at the activity of the baby and in referring to her abortions stated, “they won’t show you your ultrasound”. We gave her the baby models to hold. She cried and kept saying she couldn’t believe how much the baby can do already.

As it turned out, our appointment didn’t show and we rescheduled her later that day. This allowed us to spend more time with C. We gave her information on fetal development, fatherhood tips and one on getting married. She revealed that the FOB in fact wants to have the baby and wants to marry her. She now said she would like to marry before the baby is born. We also gave her information on post-abortion healing and talked at length about the love and mercy of God as well as the value to her family, especially the children, of actively participating in her Christian faith. We prayed together and C was elated when she left promising to visit again to update us.